Andi Blaylock, LCSW - Couples, Relationships, Premarital, Fertility, Adoption
You are the expert on you.

Very simply, I help couples and individuals improve their relationships. Relationships are challenged by the stresses of everyday life and by special circumstances, but I believe it boils down to the 3 Cs: communication, conflict, and closeness. I use the most researched tools to help couples improve in these areas. Married or committed, together, we’ll look for ways you can grow, and I’ll help you appreciate the ways in which you are already strong.   

When I got married, my husband and I thought it was important to have premarital conversations, but we couldn’t find premarital counseling that was light-hearted, engaging, and religion-neutral. I’m trying to fill that gap by working with couples preparing for marriage that might not be in crisis, but still want to explore and enrich their relationships.   

I also have a special interest in fertility issues. Maybe you’re experiencing stress or loss, you’re having a hard time navigating third-party reproduction options, you’re interested in adoption—or in not having children at all? These issues can strain the strongest relationships, but they don’t have to break them. Couples can come through more united than ever.   

Finally, I work with individuals who are having relationship issues. If you are in a relationship that is struggling, I can help you explore how to contribute to its successes or challenges. And if you are single and want to understand what keeps you from having the relationship you want, we can uncover the patterns or actions that are getting in your way.

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