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Do I Need Counseling?

The first question that might have brought you to my website is, "Do I need counseling?" If you are looking to gain understanding of the issues that challenge you, identify patterns of thoughts and behavior, and build skills to correct those patterns, then counseling may be very helpful to you. 

How Long Will Counseling Last?

Counseling should last for as long as it is useful. I believe in a solution-focused method that emphasizes the present and building on what works. As a result, my work with clients is generally "short-term." 

Types of Counseling

Couples therapy involves both partners working towards a goal of improving a marriage or committed relationship. Maybe your relationship needs a tune-up, or is in real crisis? Either way, if both partners are invested in doing the work, I am hopeful that any relationship can be satisfying to both partners.    

The first two sessions of couples/marriage counseling are 90 minutes each, and may include separate conversations with each partner. This assessment helps me learn about what is and isn’t working in your marriage or relationship. We’ll also touch on each of your backgrounds, and I’ll ask you to complete some questionnaires at home. At the third session, we’ll put it all together, and the three of us will develop a plan for our ongoing work. 
Whether you are in a current relationship that is struggling, or have trouble finding and maintaining a satisfying relationship, individual counseling can help you look at what might be getting in the way. The end result may be an improved relationship, or a more fulfilled single life.

The first session of individual counseling is 90 minutes. During this assessment, I’ll ask questions about your history as well as what is causing you problems and what is going well for you. After the assessment, together, we’ll develop goals for our ongoing work.   
If you are looking for a religion-neutral approach to helping you and your partner prepare for the joys and pitfalls of marriage, premarital counseling can help. An already healthy marriage can be enriched using this approach, too.

I use the Prepare/Enrich program in my premarital and marriage enrichment counseling. After our first 90-minute session together, where I’ll learn more about your background, you and your partner will be directed to the Prepare/Enrich website to take an online assessment questionnaire. Then we’ll meet to talk about the areas of strength, as well as the areas for growth, in your relationship. Six sessions of premarital and marriage enrichment counseling are recommended.

The disappointments, ups and downs, toil on your body, and difficult decision-making can strain even the strongest relationship. Counseling can help you reconnect, as well as explore the pros and cons of the various ways available to build your family, including the decision to live child-free. 

Solo or with your partner, the first one or two sessions of fertility counseling are 90 minutes each, and may include separate conversations with each partner, if both participate.  This assessment will help me learn where in the process you are of building your family, and what additional factors need to be considered.  From there we'll develop a plan for our ongoing work.

Download these forms to bring to your first visit.

How Much Does It Cost?
Cost depends the type of counseling conducted and the type of each session. For more information, see Fees/Insurance.

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