Andi Blaylock, LCSW - Couples, Relationships, Premarital, Fertility, Adoption
Couples and Marriage Counseling

Relationships are challenged by the stresses of everyday life and by special circumstances, but I believe it boils down to the 3 Cs: communication, conflict, and closeness. I use the most researched tools to help couples improve in these areas. Whether you are married or committed, together, we’ll look for ways you can grow, and I’ll help you appreciate the ways in which you are already strong.

I use a variety of techniques in my work, but the model I follow most is the Gottman Method of couple’s therapy. The Gottman Method was developed by observing thousands of couples to learn what makes successful couples work. These "masters" of relationships treat each other with consideration and are supportive of each other. They also follow 7 basic principles that include:
  • Building "love maps"
  • Expressing fondness and admiration
  • Turning towards each other
  • Accepting influence from each other
  • Solving problems that can be solved
  • Overcoming gridlock and opening communication
  • Creating shared meaning

The first two sessions of couples/marriage counseling are 90 minutes each, and may include separate conversations with each partner. This assessment helps me learn about what is and isn’t working in your relationship. We’ll also touch on each of your backgrounds, and I’ll ask you to complete some questionnaires at home. At the third session, we’ll put it all together, and the three of us will develop a plan for our ongoing work. 

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